Pastoral Care At Kingdom View-Reviving Your Spirit

An opportunity is available for pastors and missionaries to revive their spirits and rest at Kingdom View. Our friends in ministry know all too well that at times we are overwhelmed and near burnout. At Kingdom View we have set up a Pastoral Care fund dedicated to providing 2 night stays at Kingdom View Guesthouse for married couples needing time away who are pastors or missionaries. The fund is designed as a blessing to those who are serving and need to be served. Breakfast is included and lunches and dinner are available for a fee.

How do we apply to be considered?

A letter of recommendation to us is requested for each couple seeking a pastoral stay at Kingdom View. The offer is for two nights once per year or every 365 days. The idea is for a couple getaway without their children (unless the child is a breastfeeding infant) to rest, spend time with the Lord and rekindle their marriage. 

What days of the week are included?

The getaways are available Monday through Thursday nights with arrival at 3 p.m. and departure at 10 a.m.

What should be included in the request?

The following information should be included in the request:

* Name of person requesting the gift for a pastoral or missionary couple

* Names of the couple receiving the gift

* Name of the church or agency where they are employed

* Requested Dates

The request should be sent to

Upon receipt of the request, management will review the dates, request and determine if a donation is available for the gift. Upon confirmation of the details, you will receive:

* an email confirmation

* cost of additional meals if desired and options

* confirmation deadline to accept the offer and conditions 

Can additional nights be added on to the 2 night stay?

Yes, if the room is available but there is a fee for each additional night added to the 2 night stay.

Are their any additional services?

Yes, we provide several services at an additional fee. laundry, salon services, specialty catering for cakes, and transportation. Please don't hesitate to ask us if you have a special need.